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Tuesday, April 26, 2022

5 Tips to Beat Decision Fatigue When Facing Big Choices {with infographic}

Making decisions of all kinds can be difficult. Picking a new dinner recipe or a cross-stitch pattern you want to try can be a tough call. When faced with even more important decisions like which college to attend or which job to take, it can become especially overwhelming. You may even find yourself feeling exhausted, frustrated, and scattered from the endless debate. 

This feeling of emotional exhaustion from making hard choices is known as decision fatigue. Decision fatigue can make it harder to think clearly, causing the decision-making process to feel even more challenging. 

 However, from establishing routines to avoiding regrets, there are a variety of ways to combat decision fatigue. Keep reading to learn how to make choices with confidence. 

1. Establish a Routine 

When dealing with a lot of decisions, a consistent daily routine gives you one less thing to worry about. Eating meals, exercising, or running errands at the same time each day can help lessen the amount of choices you have to make. That way, you won’t feel as exhausted from decision-making. 

2. Take Things Slow 

If you’re feeling stressed, you might want to just make decisions as quickly as possible to get hard choices out of the way. However, before committing to something too soon, take a moment to breathe and relax. After some self-care, you’ll feel refreshed and ready to make thoughtful choices. 

3. Make Big Choices First 

Dealing with a lot of choices at once can be daunting. However, start your day by considering the most important decisions you need to make, like which major to pursue or where you’d like to relocate. That way, you’ll put your energy into what matters most. 

4. Keep Moving Forward 

Once you make choices, it can be tempting to second-guess yourself and wonder if an alternative plan would’ve been better for you. However, it’s critical to avoid feeling regret. Instead, try to trust your decision-making process. That way, you can put the past behind you and move forward. 

5. Ask for Advice 

You don’t have to face big decisions alone. If you’re struggling to make choices, ask your friends, family, or professionals for advice. By talking to someone with knowledge about yourself or the issue at hand, you may have an easier time deciding on the best course of action for you. 
Dealing with a variety of important choices can be exhausting. However, simply by following these tips, you can combat decision fatigue and pick the right path for you. 
Want even more information and tips on beating decision fatigue? Check out the infographic below.  


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