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Hello and welcome. I'm Teresa, a 43 year old mother of two, trying to survive the daily chaos and to create something new once in a while. Keeping it Real the blog where I share my passion for everything crafty.

I live in Portugal, between the river and the sea, and I love long walks in the beach, even in the winter. I also love all things handmade and homemade and I'm always trying to come up with the perfect handmade gifts for everyone!

I enjoy working with felt, crochet and cross-stitch (though I have several unfinished projects waiting for brighter days). Recently I've also re-started knitting, after more than 20 years of not touching knitting needles. I blog about all of this, with some recipes and other general tips thrown in once in a while. I work full time out of the house though, so blogging is just a fun hobby that helps me complete projects (instead of leaving them around unfinished) and keep an organized house (mostly).

I've been married for over 13 years now and our children are ten (my boy) and seven (my "baby" girl). For now they still like to cuddle and love the gifts mum makes them, so I'll go with the flow as long as it lasts.

I also have another blog, all about books. Reading is one of my favorite hobbies, so I wanted to share my passion and my opinions about the books I read. If book reviews and books in general interest you, the door is open at The Bookworm.

And this year, I finally took the leap and opened my Etsy shop, The Really Crafty Store. Although I don't have a lot of time to dedicate to it, I'm still proud of my small achievements!

From time to time I may also share here information or opinions on products and services rendered by third parties and I may or may not be compensated for it. Those posts will contain an appropriate disclaimer letting you know what is going on.

If you stop by, leave a comment letting me know your opinion, thoughts, suggestions and anything else you want to say. It may take me some time to reply, but I'll come back to you.

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If you have a blog or host your own link party, let me know as well. I'm always looking for inspiration and new ideas.

Thank you for visiting, I hope you enjoy Keeping it Real it as much as I do!

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  1. Hi Teresa, I am also new to the blogging world, 6 months now. I also do not show my home just small areas, because I believe there is a line we don't have to cross. My area is repurposing old th ings and up cycling . I hope we can be blogger friends and visit each other, and share each others projects. My blog is

    1. Thank you Mary, for stopping by and extending such a nice invitation. I'm now following you on G+ and Bloglovin and I won't miss any of your new posts!

  2. Hi Teresa! My name is Ana-Marija, I come from Croatia. I blog almost 4 years now, its my way to keep all of my projects documented. I mostly make tutorials so other people can enjoy sewing or making stuff, too. When I started blogging, I presented kids-related projects. Now my kids are getting older and most of my projects include home decor or home improvments. But I DO enjoy sewing for smaller kids. Thank God I have a niece and my friends' kids :)

    1. Hi Ana-Marija, I'm so glad you found me! Like yours, my kids are also getting older, so baby projects are only for my friend's babies and for my newborn baby cousin. You have some pretty amazing ideas on your blog, which I intend to come back and check in more detail. In the meantime, thank you for stopping by and enjoy your time around here!

  3. hello teresa. I am chelle. 35 yrs old from Nebraska. I have 3 kids 8, 4yrs old, and 4 month old baby. Your blog inspired me. thank you. :)