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Monday, June 25, 2018

Welcome to The Really Crafty Link Party #125!

Hello, and welcome! I hope you've all had a lovely weekend and I'm so glad you could join us for The Really Crafty Link Party #125!

Come and share all your posts, try to visit at least a couple of other links and spread the word on social media - the more, the merrier.

The really crafty link party, keeping it real, craft blog

The linkup will be open until next Thursday and I will be posting the features on Friday, June 29th.

Did you miss last week's amazing features? Click the image below to check them out:

The Really Crafty Link Party is focused on crafts, so the idea is for you to link up all your crafty posts: DIYs, printables, home decor, tutorials, recipes, whatever you want to share. Feel free to add as many links as you want, and old posts are welcome too!

I have no problem if you want to add the same link in more than one week; it will still be eligible for a feature but please note that I will comment and add it to the Pinterest board only once.You can add posts on other subjects (family friendly please), but only craft related posts will have a chance to be featured and will be pinned to the party's Pinterest board.

If you host your own party, add it too - it may not be featured, but you'll be sharing it with all of us anyway, and everyone loves to discover new parties!

Instructions: Select all code above, copy it and paste it inside your blog post as HTML

There are no thumbnails in the party, so in the "name" field of the linky make sure you add an interesting title/description to your post. If you follow me via any social media (icons in the side bar) let me know in the comments and I'll make sure to follow you back!

By linking up you give me permission to use your photos in features or round-ups, and to share your posts on social media (always with a link back to you for proper credit).

Thank you again for stopping by, and have a wonderful week!

keeping it real, craft blog

When you linkup, your e-mail will be added to The Really Crafty Link Party mailing list and you will receive one (and only one) e-mail each week to let you know when the party goes live. All mail addresses are kept strictly confidential. You can unsubscribe at any time by replying to the e-mail. For additional details, please read the privacy policy.

Felt flower key chains tutorial

Hello, and welcome to another week. Today I'm showing you a bunch of felt flower key chains I made for my kid's teachers.

Felt flower key chains tutorial

Every year I search for some quick and easy gifts that can be "mass produced" - my son is now in 5th grade and has a ton of teachers. And while my daughter only has two for now, when you add the ballet teacher, the swimming coach... - yes, well, lots of people to get gifts for.

So this year we settled on key chains. Flower shaped for the female teachers, and with their initials for the male teachers. Today I'm going to show you how we made the felt flower key chains, and I'll post about the other ones later.

Friday, June 22, 2018

The Really Crafty Link Party #124 featured posts!

Hello and welcome. It's Friday again, which means it's time to share the features of the latest edition of The Really Crafty Link Party.

And of course, a special thank you to everyone who linked up, shared on social media and visited during the last few days!

The Really Crafty Link Party #124 featured posts

Check out the amazing features below!

My Sailboat Pillow Pattern is now on Craftsy!

I'm so happy to finally have a pattern for sale on Craftsy!

While I love sharing free patterns with all of you, realistically speaking (Keeping it Real here, remember?) I just don't have time to do it all.

So, while I will still be sharing as many free patters as I can here on the blog, an updated and improved version of my sailboat pillow pattern is now available on Craftsy, complete with the materials list and instructions, for a symbolic price.

The original post on the blog (you can find it here) is still up and running and still includes the detailed photo tutorial, but the pattern is now accessible only here

Originally I made these two sailboats for each of my kids, but they make such a cute summer decor that I'm thinking about making a few more soon!


keeping it real, craft blog

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Hello Summer! with free ice cream cone wrappers

If you're in the northern hemisphere, summer starts today!

And is there a better way to kick off summer than with an ice cream cone three scoops high? I think not.
Ice cream is the perfect sweet treat for any occasion, especially a hot day. With a variety of flavor and topping options, there’s a combination for any sweet tooth. To help you add an extra dose of color on your ice cream cones, Shari’s Berries designed a collection of printable ice cream cone wrappers - and luckily, they let me share them here!

Hello Summer! with free ice cream cone wrappers

Because why would you wrap your cones in napkins when you can give them fun flair?

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

The easiest chocolate chip cookies ever

Quick and easy recipes are right up my alley - mostly because I usually don't have time for anything else. These chocolate chip cookies are truly the easiest ever. And, according to my daughter, just as delicious (though she may be a bit biased as she loves anything with a hit of chocolate...).

The easiest chocolate chip cookies ever, chocolate chip cookies recipe

Here's the how to:

Monday, June 18, 2018

The Hot Air Balloons Bag

Hello, and welcome. today I'm showing off a bag I made a couple of weeks ago for one of my daughter's friends.

The Hot Air Balloons Bag (with tutorials)

I found the hot air balloons fabric at a craft store and knew I had to buy it. It was just a scrap (big enough for this bag and maybe another similar one) and they didn't have more, but I still brought it home with me. When a couple of days later my daughter handed me the invitation for a birthday party for a little girl turning eight, I knew I had made the right decision. 

The Hot Air Balloons Bag (with tutorials)

Because, yes, how cute is that fabric?

The Hot Air Balloons Bag (with tutorials)

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