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Monday, September 26, 2016

Wecome to The Really Crafty Link Party #36!

Welcome to the first fall edition of The Really Crafty Link Party! Show us what you've been working on lately and browse around for what everyone else is sharing.

This is a party, so try to visit at least a couple of other links and share the party on social media too. The more, the merrier!

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As usual, the linkup will be open until next Thursday and I will be posting the features on Friday, September 30th!

Did you miss last week's amazing features? Click below to check them out!

Now onto this week's party: The Really Crafty Link Party is focused on crafts, so the idea is for you to link up all your crafty posts: DIYs, printables, home decor, tutorials, recipes, whatever you want to share. Feel free to share as many links as you want, and old posts are welcome!

You can add posts on other subjects (family friendly please), but only craft related posts will have a chance to be featured and will be pinned to the party's Pinterest board.

If you host your own party, add it too - it may not be featured, but you'll be sharing it with all of us anyway, and we all love to discover new parties!

Really Crafty Link Party

There are no thumbnails in the party, so in the "name" field of the linky make sure you add an interesting title/description to your post. If you follow me via any social media (icons in the side bar) let me know in the comments and I'll make sure to follow you back!

By linking up you give me permission to use your photos in features or round-ups, and to share your posts on social media (always with a link back to you for proper credit).

Thank you again for stopping by, and have a wonderful week!

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From A to Z: fall monograms free printable

When I created the summer monograms printables a few months ago, I decided immediately I wanted to design a fall edition too. And so today I bring you a set of monograms - or, more accurately, initials - in pretty fall colors. 

fall monograms free printable

By clicking here you'll be able to download a .zip archive with one jpeg file for each letter of the alphabet. From...

fall monograms free printable Z:

fall monograms free printable

And as a bonus I added a file with the same wreath and  just the word "FALL" in the center.
fall monograms free printable

You can print and frame your initials, turn them into gift tags or use them to form words, create banners, etc. 
Feel free to use them as you want, but f you re-post or share on social media, just please leave a link back to this page! 

Thank you for stopping by and happy Monday!

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How Pinterest can help you declutter

 How Pinterest can help you declutter

Pinterest is, in my opinion, one most useful and versatile social media out there. I've been using Pinterest for years, way before I even had a blog, as a way to find, sort through and store all those ideas that inspire me - things that I would like to make someday, useful tips, beautiful photos, etc. 

But Pinterest is much more than a place to see and share inspiration. In fact, it can be a very useful tool to help you declutter. 

Because in addition to adding links to web pages and blogs, you can also upload images from your computer, there's a world of information you can put there. And if it's not something you can't or don't want to share publicly, you can create private boards. To do that, you just need to activate the "secret" option as shown below:

How Pinterest can help you declutter

Examples of things that occupy space in your house and that you can add to your Pinterest boards: 
  • recipes - I have scanned and placed on Pinterest almost all of my recipes. I created private boards to organize the recipes by themes (fish, meat, soups, Christmas recipes, etc) and believe me it's much easier to access those Pinterest boards with my tablet or phone than to look around my recipe box for that magazine cutout or the instructions I scribbled on a napkin a while ago. Even if it's handwritten by you, it can be scanned and uploaded, as long as it's readable. In the pin description there's also room to add who liked and disliked the recipe or when was the last time you made it.  
  • sewing patterns, craft tutorials and the like - again, if it can be scanned, it can be on Pinterest. Just make sure to keep it private if you're not sure about the source and to avoid copyright issues. Again, create boards with clear titles and add as much description to each pattern or tutorial as possible. When you need it, you can just print it out or follow the instructions online. I used to print a lot of patterns I found online. They occupied a lot of space on my crafts closet and, in reality, I ended up not using half of them. Sometimes I couldn't even remember what was in my files. Now they are all online and organized just the way I want them. 
  • interesting books you've read or want to read - yes, you can do than on Amazon and Goodreads too, but I find it useful to keep all the information in one place. You can virtually create a board with the covers of all the books you've read. Or those that you want to read. Again, if you want to keep it private, don't share your Pinterest boards with anyone.
  • tips and tricks - I used to cut a lot of those out of magazines too. Or just read them and commit to memory. You can guess how that ended. Now they go directly to Pinterest where I can easy access and find what I need when I need.
  •  photos - again, keep then private or share them just with who you want to. 
  •  lists - shopping lists, school supplies lists, things to do, places you would like to visit, wedding lists, etc. You do upload links or images, but even so pins don't have to be static, you can edit the description at any time to add or delete your notes-to-self.
  •  fashion trends - again, no more magazine cutouts. Just put them all together on a Pinterest board and updated as you go. 
How Pinterest can help you declutter

And many, many more. To me, those that really made a different in terms of clutter reduction were the first two. As I scanned and uploaded the recipes, I gained a lot of space in my kitchen and now I can access and review the recipes much better. As for the crafts patterns and tutorials, I used to print a lot of stuff and then save it in physical files which occupied space. No more of that. What I could find again online I added as links. What I couldn't find, I scanned. It took me a while, but it certainly was a good investment of my time. Now my house and my life are much more organized.

Pinterest is easy to use, easy to access and to search and it's free, and you have the option to share it publicly or keep it private. I've never had a problem with my private boards, but I'm not sure how "secret" they really are, so I still would not store sensitive information in them, but for recipes and sewing patterns and reading lists it works great. And if you don't have a scanner, you can still take pictures of what you want to store and upload them as well, and then access them from your computer, your tablet or your phone.

Of course Pinterest boards can get cluttered too, so I recommend you to once in a while go through your pins, discard those that don't interest you anymore and update any comments on the others, to make sure you can always go back and find exactly what you need with minimal effort. But Pinterest is still a very strong decluttering tool and you should explore it's full potential. 

If you want to visit me on Pinterest, I'm here.
How Pinterest can help you declutter
Happy Monday,

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Friday, September 23, 2016

The Really Crafty Link Party #35 featured posts

It's Friday and I'm so glad you're here, because it's time for me to share some wonderful features from this week's link party!

As usual, a big thank you to everyone who linked up, shared on social media and visited during the last few days!

So...Check out below the amazing features from The Really Crafty Link Party #35!

5 fun pom-pom crafts

The ABC Crafts Series...P is for Pom Pom!

Welcome to another edition of the ABC Crafts Series. This week I was supposed to move on to letter R, but I decided to change the order and go back to P, to share some cute and fun pom pom crafts!

5 fun pom-pom crafts

All the projects are simple and easy to make and come with clear instructions and materials lists. Check them out below!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Happy Fall - with free printables

For those in the northern hemisphere, fall starts today.

Happy Fall free printables

This year I've made Happy Fall signs in four different colors. To download your favorite, just click the images below.

Feel free to use the images as you want, but f you re-post or share on social media, just please leave a link back to this page!

Happy Fall!

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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday - bits and pieces from our summer vacation part 2

If you missed part 1, you can find it here.

During our summer break we also went to Vila Viçosa, in the south of Portugal, and visited the ducal palace, which has been turned into a museum. Sadly, we were not allowed to take pictures inside the palace. 

Vila Viçosa

Vila Viçosa

The day started cloudy but by the time we left the palace, it was sunny again. 

Vila Viçosa

Vila Viçosa

Vila Viçosa

And on this same day, because we were so close to the border, we also took a short trip to Spain, which I'll be sharing next week.

Happy Wednesday, 

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