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Thursday, May 14, 2020

Throwdown Thursday: physical books vs e-books vs audio books

Hello, and welcome. I'm back today with this week's Thursday Throwdown: physical books vs e-books vs audio books

Throwdown Thursday: physical books vs e-books vs audio books

Now, I read a lot of books - and I really mean that (you can check my other blog, The Book Worm, for reviews of some of the books I've read). My favorite? Paper books. There's something magical about the smell of a new book when you turn the first page - and there's also something magical about a used book that you can't help but wonder where it has passed through before and who else read it already.


Well, you heard me about the "a lot of books", right? I read them and if I like them, I like to keep them to re-read later. Which means that I used to have a huge bookcase filled with physical books. After the kids came along and stated having their own books, the whole thing was overflowing and I just had to make some changes.

So I got rid of most of my physical books. Those that I knew I would re-read periodically I downloaded from Amazon or Ibooks, and from then onwards I mostly bought digital books.

This being said, I still buy physical books for my kids (and end up reading a few of those too) and whenever I can I still grab a paper book here and there, but nowadays most of what I read is in a digital format.

I haven't tried audio books yet. I spend so much time on the phone for work that by the end of the day, when I have time to read, I much prefer to do it in silence.

And now, just for fun, here are a few of my favorite book-related projects (click the images for the links):

book cover zipper pouch

How about you? Physical or digital books, which is your favorite?

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  1. Physical books are my favorite! :)

    1. I agree, but I just don't have the space to store them, so sadly I had to go (mostly) digital...