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Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Fun flower crafts for all ages - with free printables

While we are all trying to adapt to working from home, kids are trying to cope with their newfound lack of routine - or with totally new routines instead. They are missing their friends and probably even going to school! While it is perfectly respectable (and sometimes necessary) to increase your kids screen time these days, there are lots of other ways to keep your little bees busy too.

FTD created these five fun flower crafts that your kiddos can do with little to no adult supervision while you kick back with a cup of your favorite tea or finally get some work done! Check them out below and print out the ones your children will like the most to make their day.

Flower cards

When your children haven’t seen their friends in a while, they will enjoy crafting a pretty flower card and sending it to someone they care about. This printable for children aged 6-12 years old includes stems, flower heads and a couple of bows that they can color in, cut out and then arrange to a beautiful bouquet of flowers. 

Your kids can glue this bouquet on a card to send to a friend or family member or simply glue it onto a piece of carton that they can hang up in their room.

Origami tulips

This super simple origami tulip template will easily guide your 6-12 year olds through the steps of creating a beautiful paper flower. 

Origami is great for improving your children’s fine motor skills and if they enjoy this old Japanese craft there are plenty of other templates available online that they can try out! This folding craft is fun for all age groups and while your kids are busy folding an entire field of paper tulips, you can take advantage of your downtime and read a book or magazine.

Handprint flower bookmark

This handprint flower bookmark is the perfect craft for your younger kids (aged 4-10 years old) who love to read. And frankly, this craft is also perfect for any parent who doesn’t know where to display another piece of their children’s art. 

Once your kid has completed this simple but super personal and sweet craft, it just disappears between the pages of their favorite book.

Flower bath bombs

Your tweens will love to try out this DIY flower bath bomb. They can make these lavender or rose bath bombs for themselves, a friend or even you! 

If they want to give them away as a gift, the printable includes a few gift tags they can color in and cut out. Just make sure to use the bath bombs within four to six weeks to get the maximum fizz-effect!

Flower coloring pages

Whether you don’t trust your kids with scissors and glue yet or they just can’t get enough of coloring, (like my daughter) these flower coloring pages are just the right activity to pass their time. If your crafting supplies include googly eyes, give them a few so they can add faces to their flowers after they’re done coloring. 

This is also a great opportunity to send your kids on a little scavenger hunt around the house where you ask them to find common household objects that would look funny with googly eyes on them. This sure will keep them occupied for a good amount of time that allows you to sit back and relax!

Whatever flower craft you print out for your kids, they will surely love having something to do. Their creative little minds are full of inspiration and with a little nudge in the right direction, they can stay busy for hours. Grant yourself some alone time while your kids enjoy their flower crafts!

Have fun, stay safe, and happy Wednesday,

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This post was written in partnership with FTD. Printables and images were supplied by them and as such are not owned by me, nor am I responsible for their content. 


  1. These are so fun and I love that there are different age/skill levels/options! What a great activity while at home!

  2. What fun activities! Thanks for sharing with us at The Blogger's Pit Stop!