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Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Free Printable Bingo Games to Help You Move

Moving to a new home can be stressful and scary, no matter what age you are. The last time we moved my son was just a few months old and we finished the move (not the unpacking, though) just the day before my return to work from maternity leave. I was a zombie for months afterwards. Thankfully, we settled on a house that's big enough for the four of us now (five, if you count our pet bunny), so I'm crossing my fingers we don't have to move again any time soon.

Free Printable Bingo Games to Help You Move

Because whether you’re moving into your first apartment, settling down with your partner after you just tied the knot or you’re transitioning to a bigger house so the kids can all have their own room, there are a lot of feelings mixed into moving.

In order to focus on the positive emotions and celebrate your new chapter of life, ApartmentGuide created printable bingo boards to help you move. They have 4 boards, one for each stage of life. Read through to find which one will help you move!

Settling Into a New Home

Once all your boxes are in your new empty home, it can be hard to know where you should start unpacking. This bingo board will help you remember all the little details like plugging in the coffee makes (you’re going to need a caffeine boost!) and changing your address with the post office (something that often goes forgotten!).

New Home Firsts

It’s important to celebrate all the fun new firsts that come with making a house a home. Whether that’s having your first home-cooked meal or hosting your first game night, this bingo board will help you focus on the positives.

Free Printable Bingo Games to Help You Move

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Kids Scavenger Hunt

Kids often have the hardest time transitioning to a new home. To help familiarize them with the new space, use this bingo board scavenger hunt. Be sure to have a prize for whoever gets bingo first!

Free Printable Bingo Games to Help You Move
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Millennial Hipster Bingo

It’s no secret that millennials have a specific design style. If you are hosting a housewarming party or attending one thrown by a millennial, bring these boards to see how hipster they really are.

Free Printable Bingo Games to Help You Move
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Have fun, and happy Wednesday!

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