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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Holiday Dresses for Dolls

This is holidays season and so my daughter decided her dolls needed to renew their wardrobe to celebrate in style.

Holiday Dresses for Dolls

So I went through my stash and it wasn't that hard to find a few things that could be used to make new doll dresses...

This is a simple crochet rectangle, sewn to create a tube, and the gathered ribbon comes on top.

Holiday Dresses for Dolls

For one below I used the same method for the crochet, and then just added the ribbon bow and ties.

Holiday Dresses for Dolls

And this one was a last minute inspiration. It's actually made out of one of my daughter's old ballet skirts...

Holiday Dresses for Dolls

Here are the three girls, ready to party (though, to be honest, they probably should do something about their hair first...):

Holiday Dresses for Dolls

Because these doll dresses were made using only materials I already had at home, they count towards my destashing efforts this year. See below my other destashing projects so far:

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Happy Tuesday!

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  1. Love love love these! I have made some elf outfits for my Sindy Dolls this year. But these girls are ready to PARTY!!