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Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Dressing up a doll

Today's post is mostly me bragging about finishing another backlogged project...A bit of background: a while ago my mother cleaned out her closet and found a doll. The doll had no clothes and my mother doesn't remember where it came from. It didn't belong to my daughter and it wasn't one of my old dolls either. Instead of trying to solve the mystery, though, we decided to just donate it.

Dressing up a doll

My daughter has too many dolls as it is, and all the other girls in our family are either too old or too young to play with this kind of dolls. So donation was the best way. 

But...does it really make sense to donate a doll with no clothes? Who is going to play with it? So I told my mother I would go through my scraps of yarn and fabric and make the poor doll some clothes. 

Dressing up a doll

This is what I came up with. 

Dressing up a dollDressing up a doll

 The crocheted top gave me some trouble but I managed to pull it through. The shoes took me a bit longer to figure out and they aren't perfect in any way, but at least now the doll looks much better. 

Dressing up a doll

No tutorial, I totally made things up as I went along, but I'm still happy with the results - and I managed to put in a bit of destashing too!

Dressing up a doll

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Happy Tuesday!

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