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Thursday, July 7, 2022

Teaching Your Kids Responsibility - With Free Printables

While no parent likes to think about it, one day your child will have to spread their wings and leave the nest. When this time comes, it’s important that they understand the value of responsibility. 
Teaching Your Kids Responsibility - With Free Printables

When your child recognizes the importance of being accountable for their actions, it helps them navigate the world and achieve their goals. To help you teach your child this lesson early, we’ve outlined several tips below. 

Model Responsibility Yourself 

They say that kids are absorbent like a sponge. They see what you do and imitate it in their own way. For this reason, it’s important that you model responsible behavior in yourself. This could mean that when you make a promise to your child, you make a point to uphold that promise even if it’s difficult. 
For example, you might promise your child that you’ll take them to the zoo on the weekend. If another event comes up that you’d rather go to, you might opt to uphold your promise for the sake of showing your kid that it’s important to keep your word. 
While you’re at it, you may also want to practice embodying a growth mindset so that your kids can learn to do the same. 

Provide Structure 

 When your child has a solid structure of things to do throughout the day, it makes it easier for them to act. While it might be difficult to establish a cohesive structure at first, the more your kids get into a routine, the easier it will be for them to act. This will help them build self-esteem and confidence. 
That said, make sure that you don’t overload your child’s schedule to the point where they are stressed. It’s a good idea to help them write their schedule themselves, so that they have control over what they do and understand the “why” behind their daily routine. 
Consider outlining your kid’s daily schedule in a summer notebook so they can stay productive while away from school. 

Encourage Your Kids to Work 

Eventually, your little one is going to need to learn the value of hard work. This is something that is better learned sooner than later. Once you feel that they’re ready, you might encourage them to open their services to friends, neighbors and family. 
You can encourage your child to mow lawns or walk dogs for people around the neighborhood. Use our printable business cards below to help them spread the word. Once they earn their first dollar, they will start to understand the value of their efforts. 


As your child earns money and learns about finance, it’s a good idea to also encourage them to save. Use the printable below and have them write down the amount of money they save each week. This is helpful to give them a visual of how their hard work pays off after the end of the 52-week savings challenge. 
As they learn financial accountability, then you might even open up an IRA account for kids in their name. This would help them save for the future ahead of time. 

Final Thoughts 

Raising a responsible child is easier said than done. By being a role model, providing your kids with structure and by encouraging them to work on their own, however, you can teach them the value of responsibility. Remember, however, not to overload your kids with too much at once. 
Consider making small changes each week, teaching them to learn responsibility at their own pace. Before you know it, they’ll be self-sufficient and happier for it. 
Happy Tuesday!

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