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Monday, January 10, 2022

DIY magnetic sticky notes holder

Hello, and welcome! Today I'm going to show you a very quick and easy craft that is at the same time very useful - and makes for a wonderful little gift idea too.

DIY magnetic sticky notes holder

You can place these magnetic sticky notes on your fridge (or any other metallic surface, really) and use them to create lists or write reminders on the go. 

First of all, let me apologise for the terrible lighting in the photos below, but we did this late in the evening last Saturday and even though I did my best I still would have much preferred natural light - one more reason why I'm already terribly missing those long summer days...


  • sticky notes (we chose a couple with original shapes)
  • magnetic tape
  • a base to glue your sticky notes over. We used square cork coasters from a set I got last year from Amazon as craft supplies, but cardboard or plastic work fine too for this purpose (though I do like the look of the cork in this case)
  • crafts glue

DIY magnetic sticky notes holder

This is the link to the coasters we used:


The magnetic tape I bought locally, but it's similar to this one:


The first step is to set a piece of magnetic tape on the back of the coasters. This particular magnetic tape is self-adhesive, but we still added a few drops of glue. Also, we used only one strip of tape, but you can add more if you feel the need. We tested ours and just that strip seemed more than enough.

DIY magnetic sticky notes holder

Then we glued the sticky notes on the other side of the coaster: 

DIY magnetic sticky notes holder


And that was it! Once the glue was dry we packed this set into some gift bags and they're now on their way to their new owners.

DIY magnetic sticky notes holder

Our fridge is covered with a door matching the rest of our kitchen cabinets and magnets don't adhere to it, otherwise I would so make a set like this just for me. I keep misplacing the notebooks with my to-do and shopping lists and these would be a huge help.

DIY magnetic sticky notes holder

So one of these days I'll probably just come up with an alternative that I can place on my kitchen wall or something...

DIY magnetic sticky notes holder

Thank you for stopping by and have a wonderful week!

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  1. I'm all about things that are pretty and practical. Love these! Great for teacher gifts, getting organized, an alternative to Valentine's candy, etc. Featuring when my link party opens tonight.