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Monday, September 6, 2021

How To Celebrate Your Neighbors For National Neighbor Day

National Neighbor Day is coming up in a few short weeks, which is a great excuse to use to celebrate and give thanks to those who live in your neighborhood. Whether your neighbors just purchased a new home and moved into your community, or they have been long-time residents, there are many ways to show your appreciation for your community. 

How To Celebrate Your Neighbors For National Neighbor Day

This last year has been difficult for many, so taking the time to give thanks to your neighbors not only will positively impact them but your community as a whole. Here are 3 ways you can celebrate your neighbors for National Neighbor Day on September 28th! 

Family goodie bags

If you noticed some new neighbors moving in, dropping by a goodie basket is a sweet way to welcome them into your neighborhood. Grab a basket and fill it with fun goodies like celebratory bubbly, sweet treats and even a homemade gift like a tassel keychain for them to use for their new house keys. Personalize the basket with one of these printable goodie bag tags to welcome your neighbors!

Meal dropoff 

If you have a local takeout restaurant you love, pick up a meal to drop off at your neighbor’s door. If they’re new neighbors, drop off the meal with a printable welcome letter that details your contact information, as well as your favorite go-to spots in your local area. 

Neighborhood block party

When it’s safe to host large gatherings, host a neighborhood block party! Organize food, games and activities for all to participate in. This is a great way to connect with old friends and get to know new ones!

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  1. I didn't know about national neighbor day! I am going to have to make my neighbors something! It's a great way to promote your blog in your local area. Especially for me because I live in an apartment. If I make something cute for 5 or 6 families with my business card in it, they can take pics & spread the word! I am so glad you shared this on Traffic Jam Weekend at!

  2. I didnt know about this day and everyday we need to be good to our neighbours but to celebrate it is even better. We received cake and pastries from our neighbour today and their son spent many hours here as his my youngest sons best friend. Happy celebrating our neighbours. Alhamdidallah for good neighbours.