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Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Fire safety tips for kids - with free printables

Did you know Fire Prevention Week is the first week of October this year? Nowadays, it's important to have several safety plans in place in case of the unexpected...especially with so many of us working and schooling from home.

Fire safety tips for kids - with free printables

Here are a few printable activities to teach your children about fire safety tips in a fun and engaging way:

Firefighter Coloring Page and Maze

These cute coloring pages are great activities to keep the kids focused while talking about fire emergencies. You can explain the importance of calling 911 and the role of firefighters during these situations. Also cover fundamental rules, such as not playing with matches or cooking without an adult present. Download these fun pages here.

Fire Safety Floor Plan

Some children are visual learners! Use this grid sheet to draw a floor plan of your home with arrows toward designated meeting areas in case of a fire. You and your child can get creative with it by color coding different areas of the grid, such as the fire extinguisher location. Download the grid here!

Family Fire Escape Plan

To ensure everyone in the household is on board with emergency protocol, map out a safety escape plan. This worksheet is simple enough for children to understand and fill out as you talk with them about smoke signals and when to “stop, drop, and roll.” Afterward, laminate the worksheet and post it somewhere visible for everyone, such as on the fridge. Download the escape plan here.

Be sure to revisit fire prevention and other safety routines with your children periodically. Remember, preparation is key! 

And for more ideas and activities to do with your kids, check out this full list of printables.

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