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Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Tips for having a successful Father's Day cookout this summer + free printables

What dad doesn’t love to fire up his grill, smoke his favorite meats, and host the perfect cookout? This Father’s Day, you can laugh at your dad’s punny jokes a little bit harder, and have a lot less stress on your plate–literally. With a list of helpful Summer grilling tips, the neighborhood dads will be begging to attend your next barbecue.

And even if, like us, you've already celebrated Father's Day earlier this year - don't worry, most of these will still work for any other Summer party you want to host!

Stock up on the essentials: 

When deciding what foods to serve at your cookout, be mindful about versatile items. Foods that can be served in different styles can save you an extra dime. A few inexpensive fan favorites include:
  • chicken breasts
  • fruit salad 
  • pasta
  • chips and pretzels

Grill away from others and structures:

Gas and charcoal grills are all designed for outdoor use only. Make sure you are at least 10 feet away from others, your home, or any flammable structures. Here are a few safety tips on how to protect your home and loved ones from accidents or grill fires: 
  • Grill safety tip 1: ensure that children and pets are far away from the grill 
  • Grill safety tip 2: take proper ignition protocols and precautions to avoid dangerous gas build up 
  • Grill safety tip 3: check the stability of your grill before placing any food on the top 

Provide outdoor fun:

Entertaining your guests is the best part of being a good cookout host. Have a few games for everyone to enjoy and play with. It is most important that the kids stay entertained so they won’t be interested in the grill. Here are a few that both kids and adults will enjoy:

  • hide-and-seek 
  • giant Jenga
  • bottle bowling
  • charades 

Download and print out the charade game below!

Thank your grilly great dad

On Father’s Day, it's important to think about the great fathers that we have in our lives. Gifting your husband or dad with something meaningful will show how much you are.  We have made Father’s Day gift tags and a grill safety zone sign to make your father smile and help keep your guests safe. 

Download and print the Father’s Day gift tags and safety sign below to help you have wonderful times this summer that you will always remember.

So, whether you're celebrating Father's Day soon or just planning a summer family cookout, use these tips and printables to ensure success!

Happy Tuesday!

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