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Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Upcycled shorts

This past weekend was raining around here again (it seems this winter we've had nothing but rain), so I decided it was the perfect time to go through my kids' closets. Because well, kids grow and those clothes you've saved from last year? Chances are they won't fit into them again. 

Upcycled shorts

But...some clothes can be made to last a bit longer - just like these shorts. And since spring is almost here, the timing was right to improve them and make sure they can be used again soon 

When my daughter tried out these shorts from last summer we discovered that while they still fit perfectly at the waist they were...well, too short. 

I totally forgot to take a "before" photo but the hem was folded upwards - twice - and so the first step was to just cut the side seams and unfold the shorts to their maximum length (you can still see part of the fold marks below, as I hadn't ironed them yet). 

Upcycled shorts

Then I placed this lacy ribbon at the bottom, which serves a dual purpose - embellishing the shorts and adding just a bit more length. 

Upcycled shorts

Overall, it was a very quick project, even though the ribbon was entirely hand sewn in place. I have one more pair of shorts and a skirt to upcycle in a similar way, so stay tuned and I'll share those as soon as I manage to complete them.

Upcycled shorts

Upcycled shorts

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