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Wednesday, January 6, 2021

2021 goals list - free printable

Hello and welcome! Whenever a new year begins, we are all keen on making plans and defining goals for the 365 days ahead of us. One thing I have learned from the past, though, is that I'm much better at following through my goals if I put them in writing. So I have created a template to fill in the 2021 goals, and I'm sharing it here today as a fee printable.  

2021 goals list - free printable

I only added seven lines because, again, in my experience if you have a lot goals at the same time you end up dividing your time throughout so many things you never actually manage to finish most of them. 

So this year I'm setting up priorities. This list will be the big picture for 2021, and then I'm planning to have monthly goals lists for more detailed activities/projects I want to complete at that specific time. 

2021 goals list - free printable

The 2021 goals list is a printable pdf file, and you can download it here.  

And now let's all work towards fulfilling our goals! 

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  1. Your simple printable makes it easy to find out 2021 goals, and keep them manageable, too! Pinned! Delighted to be featuring you at Tuesday Turn About tomorrow!