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Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Tuesday Tips: finding your niche

Hello, and welcome! Today's Tuesday Tips are about finding your niche.

Tuesday Tips: finding your niche

Finding your niche is something crucial for every business but not always easy, because you need to find the perfect balance between what you want to sell and what people want to buy.

Of course you can just decide to make whatever is selling like hot buns at the moment. But if you do, not only you’ll be changing your focus every time the latest fashion fades away and a new one emerges, but you’ll most likely at one point end up doing something you don’t like. And that way you don’t have such a bright a future.

Tuesday Tips: finding your niche

So I believe the best way is for you to do something you love. We already face enough situations everyday when we have do do things we don't like. Our crafting might as well be something we do love.

Tuesday Tips: finding your niche

Because I love lots of different crafts - from working with paper to crochet and knitting (and not forgetting sewing, obviously) I wanted a concept for my Etsy shop that could encompass all of that - and so I came up with the "handmade gifts experience".

When it comes to finding your niche buyers - well, I don't have exactly a magical solution but over time I found that the best way is to connect on social media (and in person too, if you can) and discover people that share the same interests (like, for example, zero-waste groups if you're selling eco-friendly products, or new mom groups if you're selling baby items).

Tuesday Tips: finding your niche

And these are my tips for today. I'm by no means a specialist, so don't forget to check the other Tuesday Tips posts from this fantastic group!

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Happy Tuesday!

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  1. I agree that finding your niche can be confusing, especially since no one seems to explain how to do it. I like the tips that you shared though! :) Thank you!