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Thursday, June 18, 2020

Thursday Throwdown: iced coffee vs. frozen lemonade

Hello, and welcome. I'm back today another fun post in the Thursday Throwdown series - iced coffee or frozen lemonade?

Thursday Throwdown: iced coffee vs. frozen lemonade

Well, for me that's not really a choice. Summer is lemonade season at our house (frozen or any other kind). Iced coffee? No, thank you. 

Coffee, in any form, is not my favourite drink. I'll take coffee added to lots of milk, or else in a cake. And iced coffee, for me, is the worst thing ever. I've only had it about once or twice in my life. The last time must have been years ago - I remember it was served at a family meeting and I decided to drink at least part of it to be polite, but I definitely avoid it if I can. 

In a cake, I do love it, though. Here's my favorite coffee cake recipe:

coffee cake recipe

And because I also love to make gifts for everyone, here's a perfect gift idea for coffee lovers: 

DIY felt coffee coasters

Now when it comes to lemonade, while frozen may not be the most common way I take it, I do have lots of favorites. 

I have just realised that I've never shared on the blog my husband's amazing homemade lemonade (I'll have to document it one of these days), so I'm sharing here instead a round up of some amazing lemonade recipes:

10 amazing lemonade recipes perfect for summer

How about you? Which is your favorite - iced coffee or frozen lemonade?

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  1. Iced coffee is my favorite! :) I love coffee. Frozen lemonades are awesome too though! A local gas station chain here has an amazing wild berry flavored frozen lemonade.