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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Lace edged candles

I've had two candles - one blue and one yellow - in my crafts closet for a long time. Initially I bought them with the intention of creating a nautical decor with them. I even wrapped the lower portion of the candles with rope, but the whole think became too tick and not at all practical. 

Last weekend I finally decided I either tossed the candles or finished them. And since I was not going to toss two perfectly good candles, I ripped the rope and created a lace edging instead.

Lace edged candles

I found a white lace piece in my stash, and it was just enough to cover both candles. I added a few drops of fabric glue on one end of the lace, then wrapped the lace around the candle and secured the other end (with a slight overlapping) with a bit more glue.
Lace edged candles

Lace edged candles

Here's the finished candle:

Lace edged candles

Once one was finished, I started on the other. The whole process took less than five minutes (for the two candles):

Lace edged candles

These lace edged candles end up really pretty, and you can use them as homemade gifts too. And if you vary the lace (or a large ribbon), you can make them to match any type of decor you want.

Lace edged candlesLace edged candles

Lace edged candles

After both candles were finished, I also found in my stash a cute mini wooden crate that fits both candles perfectly:

Lace edged candles

And if you're wondering - yes, I did decorate the inside of the crate:

Lace edged candles

I did a lot of destashing with this project - the candles, the lace and even the crate!

Lace edged candles


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Enjoy, and happy Tuesday!

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  1. Such a simple, and pretty idea! So many different types of lace that could be used.


  2. I've got quite a few scarps of lace hidden in my lace-box too. It's a shame to throw them away! One never knows when these scraps might come in handy! The candles look great!

  3. What a pretty idea. A perfect housewarming gift.