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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday - yesterday's sunset

Because I love sunsets (and sunrises too, for that matter) and this one, after a few days of heavy rain, seems to being on the promise of longer, warmer days. Hopefully spring is here to stay.


Happy Wednesday,

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  1. Oooooo ..... that's beeaaauuuttiiiful!!!!!

  2. How lovely! In our part of the world we are waiting for Autumn to settle in finally! Australia has just had one of the worst ever Cyclones...and whilst our area was not badly affected at all, Mother Nature sure can be destructive!

    1. Oh, I'm sorry to hear that, but glad you are ok. Yes, we often forget how destructive nature really is. Hopefully you'll have a more peaceful autumn and winter. Thank you for stopping by and have a wonderful weekend!