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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

DIY Barbie doll closet

DIY barbie doll closet

My daughter received two Barbie dolls for Christmas and they came with several princess like dresses that I had no idea how to store in a way that she could easily reach. Someone suggested buying the dolls a closet, but I was not willing to shed that money on something that may not last very long in the hands of a three year old.

So, after New Year’s Day I took two days off work since the kids school was closed and tweaked with some ideas. I ended up using a small storage box that my mother didn’t need anymore and, after a few alterations (finished last night), the dolls now have a closet.

DIY barbie doll closet

The rod is a chopstick from a pair I brought home from a Chinese restaurant years ago and never used, the ribbon came from my stash and the mirror is from an old makeup bag. The hangers are made from paper clips but I’m not happy with them so I’m trying to come up with an alternative.

DIY barbie doll closet

On the floor of the closet the dolls have some containers (from an ice-cube tray) for shoes, bags and jewelry.

DIY barbie doll closet

And now I’m hoping the dolls love and use their closet for a long time to come.

DIY barbie doll closet

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  1. Que projecto fantástico! Cada detalhe revela grande imaginação e todo o amor com que foi feito. Adorei!
    Ana Love Craft