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Saturday, August 12, 2023

Amazon Favorites: Kids’ School Lunch Essentials

School is about to start, so it's time to get all school supplies ready. And this includes everything kids need to eat at school during the day.

Amazon Favorites: Kid's School Lunch Essentials

So here's a small collection of our Amazon picks:

First, a bento box. I know it's not a must, but I love that this one comes with several utensils (the kids particularly want the chopsticks, though probably just to make a mess...).


Then, a lunch box, of course. I actually picked two, just because I loved the patterns of both (yes, I confess. the bears one is my favorite): 



What I like the most about this water bottle is the variety of interchangeable lids: 


These are super useful, and not just for school. I use them a lot when we travel or have picnics:


And, finally, this thermos food jar. It comes in a variety of other patterns/colors too.


And if you still need some help organizing the back to school, check out these posts too: 

Enjoy, and have a wonderful weekend,

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