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Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Christmas gift tags - free printable

Hello, and welcome! Christmas is almost here, and since I'm a firm believer homemade and handmade are the best in any occasion, but most especially during the holidays seasons, I've been busy designing a lot of things to print at home. 

So here are the gift tags I have designed so far: 

Christmas gift tags - free printable

I have a few more ideas in the making, but for now you can also download and print these elegant Christmas tree gift tags: 

Christmas gift tags - free printable

You just need to download the pdf file and run it through a color printer. On the same page you will find five similar gift tags. You can print them directly on thicker paper (light cardstock usually works pretty well in my printer) or print on regular paper and then glue the tags on cardstock or thin cardboard. 

Christmas gift tags - free printable

Cut the gift tags following the light grey lines and punch a hole over the small gray circle at the top. Then just add a piece of ribbon or yarn and use them for all your Christmas gifts!

If you missed the link above, click here to download the file. 

Have fun, and happy holidays!

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