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Saturday, June 11, 2022

My Amazon Finds #13 - cakes & cake decor

Hello, and welcome to this week's Amazon finds. Summer is almost here, which means the birthday season is almost starting at our house. When my kids were smaller I used to order their decorated birthday cakes - and often pay a small fortune for them - until the day I decided to learn and practice to be able to create some decent cakes at home.

So the theme for this week's Amazon finds is exactly that: a few of the items that I bought and regularly use to bake - and to make our birthday cakes. 

These easy layers cake pans are the best when you want to create layered cakes but lack the practice (or the talent) to cut a larger cake into even layers. They also reduce baking time a lot (because the amount of dough in each pan is smaller). They come in different sizes and shapes (I have round and square ones and have been using them for years with no issues).



These cake pans come in pairs and are perfect for a simple cake with filling (a bit like the layers above, but with just two, larger layers). I have the square and the round versions (though for some reason we tend to use the square ones a lot more), and I also have a pair of larger, rectangular ones.


I love these cupcake liners. They come in bright, happy colors and I use them directly in the oven (placed inside the cupcake pan below). 


I have several individual silicone cupcake pans, but to be honest the cupcake pan I use the most is the one below, and not just for cupcakes - I bake here mini apple pies (made using this recipe, only in individual portions) and breakfast muffins too on a regular basis.


This cake carrier is the best. It works for round, square and rectangular cakes (though I also own a round one too, for larger round cakes, I mostly use this one now) but it can easily turn into a cupcake carrier too!


I got the turntable and a lot of these items separately. I wish I had thought to look for a complete set back in the day, it would have been much cheaper...


Have a wonderful weekend!

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