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Saturday, May 7, 2022

My Amazon Finds #11 - crafts for kids and sewing gadgets

Hello, and welcome to this week's Amazon finds. Today I'm sharing here two craft sets that are just perfect to keep kids busy and a couple of sewing supplies I bought for myself recently. 

My Amazon Finds #11 - crafts for kids and sewing gadgets

Since my daughter has been into cactus a lot lately, I got this for her:

They do have other kits available - animals, food, etc. Since I love sewing with felt myself, I would get them all if I could...


This crochet kit I actually bought last year but it was a hit:



Now for my sewing gadgets...

I've been using pins since I started sewing and they always worked for me (more or less). Recently I've seen a lot of Reels on IG where clips are used instead of pins and I wanted to give them a try. 

Yes, there much larger sets of clips for sale for nearly the same price I paid for these, but (1) I really wanted a smaller set to test (I have a closet full of sewing and craft supplies already, I don't want to necessarily add to the mess), and (2) I have purchased other Clover items before and quality was great. All in all, this was a win. I'll let you know how it went after I give them a try. 


And yes, I seem to have gotten myself a new seam ripper while I was at it...while I very much dislike having to undo my work, unfortunately it happens more often than you can imagine and the seam ripper I had before came with my sewing machine and was never all that great to start with.


Have a wonderful weekend!

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