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Saturday, April 30, 2022

My Amazon Finds #10 - gifts for teen boys

Hello, and welcome to this week's Amazon finds. Following up on last week's theme (gifts for teen and tween girls), today I'm sharing a few gift ideas for teen boys. 

My Amazon Finds #10 - gifts for teen boys

I'm a bit picky when it comes to this kind of gifts, and I tend to gravitate to games boys can play with family and friends or brain challenges/puzzles vs. anything that would get them in front of a screen (they already spend too much time there already). Check out my suggestions below:

We got one of these for my son last year and it has been a hit with him and his friends (and a few adults too). As we live in an apartment, he has it on his bedroom wall and let's say the wall has suffered a few hits that left a mark. So my advice would be to use it on a backyard, if you have one, or find a way to protect your walls, if you don't. 




The time they spent with one of these toys is well spent, in my opinion. My son has a similar one from a different brand, but we haven't tested this one yet: 


I'm not sure how much of a hit this one will be...I'll let you know in a few weeks: 


And this one also looks a lot of fun. I'm hoping we get the chance to test it when we deliver it to its new owner - and  who knows? Maybe we'll get one for our family too. 


Have a wonderful weekend!

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