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Thursday, December 2, 2021

Schachenmayr Luxury Velvet yarn review

I rarely pay too much attention to the brands of yarn I buy. But in this case, since I specifically searched for this velvet yarn to make my waffle stitch blanket, I decided to post a review. 


Schachenmayr Luxury Velvet yarn review

This is in no way a sponsored post, but you can find below my opinions on the Luxury Velvet from Schachenmayr.


The Luxury Velvet is a 100% polyester yarn and comes in 100 grams balls. 


Schachenmayr Luxury Velvet yarn review


What I liked about the Luxury Velvet: 

  • it's incredibly soft and a pleasure to work with
  • it looks great and makes for very pretty projects; there's a little bit of shine to this yarn, which makes the colors pop out even more
  • it comes in an assortment of interesting colors, all with very original names (the colors I used for my blanket are named Fox, Bear and Elephant)


Schachenmayr Luxury Velvet yarn review


What I didn't like so much about the Luxury Velvet:  

  • if you leave loose ends, the yarn starts to fall apart (literally). Bits of polyester fall out until you're left with nothing but what looks like sewing thread (you can see a hint of that bottom right of the photo above). This means that you need to weave in ends as you go, and you'll likely have your clothes and your floor littered with little bits of yarn when you pack up your crochet at the end of the day. This happens only with the loose ends, not with the crocheted parts (we've been using the finished blanket for a couple of weeks now with no issues), but it's still weird and makes me wonder how the blanket will withstand being washed.
  • Probably because of the above, it's next to impossible to frog/undo your stitches if you make a mistake. Twice I had to cut the yarn because once I pulled it to undo a few stitches, it was just stuck and then started to fall apart. 


Schachenmayr Luxury Velvet yarn review


Overall, I would use this yarn again because I love how soft and comfortable it feels, but only with easy patterns and stitches, paying extra attention to avoid mistakes and taking care to weave in ends immediately. 

Schachenmayr doesn't sell online through their site, I bought the yarn at a local shop and it was much cheaper (half the price, literally) than what I've seen on Amazon, so if you want to buy it too use the store locator at their site to check if you can get your yarn locally too. 



I've been making more blankets using a different velvet yarn brand, and I'll post about those too when I'm finished.


Happy Thursday!

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