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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Unique bridal shower games - free printables

Wedding Season is almost upon us! And even though this year a lot of weddings will have to adjust their format due to the situation we are living in, they still require a lot of prepping and planning in the days ahead. 

Unique bridal shower games - free printables

A bridal shower is an exciting and love-filled event where the bride-to-be’s best gal pals get together and celebrate her next chapter in life as a Mrs. The shower is typically hosted by the Maid-of-Honor, and might include a meal or snacks, cocktails, silly games and other activities. 

From the venue reservation, to party favors and decorations, hosting a stylish and unique bridal shower can cost a pretty penny. This article on planning a fab bridal shower on a budget has a ton resources to make the planning process a bit easier! 

In the guide, you can find cheap venue ideas, bulk party favor suggestions and even printable games you can play at the Bridal Shower. 

A favorite is the “What’s in Your Purse?” game where each player gets points for all the silly stuff in their purse, and another is “Who Knows the Bride Best?”

In the article there are also printables to help make the planning process easier as well as some kind and considerate “Editors Tips” such as this one, “Be sure to have a small thank-you gift in mind for your partner at the end of the planning process. 

Unique bridal shower games - free printables

It doesn’t have to be anything expensive or fancy, just a small token to show that their hard work was appreciated. You can use this Amazon coupon to find something online and eliminate having to make another trip to the store.” In the guide you’ll find lots of great advice, tricks and relevant coupons to make planning a lovely bridal shower without breaking the bank an ease. Cheers to the bride-to-be! 

Happy Tuesday!

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