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Wednesday, January 27, 2021

14 Days of Love and Kindness - free printable calendar

With February upon us, we have love on the brain. From creating the perfect no-sew Valentine’s Day heart pocket to planning a Valentine’s Day meal, we prepare for the holiday of love. While these traditional activities are great, there are also ways you can show your love and kindness leading up to the holiday. 

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It’s been a tough year and we could all use more kindness in our lives. Show your appreciation to your community with this 14-day love and kindness challenge

Each day, Redbubble has a new kindness challenge. They’ve included everything from donating your old books that have been gathering dust to leaving a positive review at a local restaurant. 

In addition to the challenge, there are printables that will help you show kindness in a more personal way. Add the printable baking tags to your batch of cookies or a funny printable note in a loved one’s lunch. First, download the calendar below. Then cross off each challenge as you complete them. If you don’t want to complete one of the challenges, replace it with your own kindness idea. Kindness is contagious, so your simple act of kindness may inspire others to do the same.

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Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Definitely what I need now! In fact, my post has a kindness theme as well. Will pin yours. Happy V-Day.

    1. Thank you Nancy, I'm going to check out your post too. Kindness is needed more than ever today.