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Monday, November 23, 2020

DIY Meets Movie Night: How to Recreate the Theater at Home

With the current world events, people have had to become more creative - from work to entertainment. So all of us DIYers are able to let loose and let our creativity soar like never before. 

DIY Meets Movie Night: How to Recreate the Theater at Home

But even if you’re not a DIY guru, you can still make an incredible DIY movie night from home. Here’s how. 

Recreate the Experience at Home

Does this sound tricky? Well, have no fear - simple DIY to the rescue. 
Recreating a movie theater in your home is pretty simple, and there are a few different ways to accomplish it: 

  • String lights to make isles. A staple of any movie theater is the isles. Recreate this typical seating experience by stringing lights. This works even better when you move the movies outdoors and use lawn chairs. 
  • Craft some Now Playing signs. Nothing shots movie theater quite like the Now Playing posters. You can make a single poster to showcase the movie you’re watching. Or, you can make several and string them along the hallway to give that lifelike encounter.
  • Make a snack bar in the kitchen. You can’t have a movie theater without a snack bar; it’s unheard of! You can make your own snack bar inside of the kitchen by displaying treats and foods of your choosing. Don’t forget movie staples like popcorn and candy, though you can get more extravagant by introducing new flavors and treats. 
  • Don’t forget the movie tickets! You can’t get into a movie theater without your ticket, right? Well, the same can hold true for your at-home movie experience. 

All you need to do is make your own movie tickets, a cinch using this custom ticket generator

Whether DIY is your favorite thing to do or not, recreating the movie theater experience right from home is easier than you’d think. All you need are some lights, Now Playing signs, snacks, and tickets to bring the dream to life. What are you waiting for? Get crafty today! 

Find more ideas for how to create your own movie night at home in the visual below from Apartment Guide

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