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Thursday, October 8, 2020

Family Time Capsule Activity - with free printable

Putting together a time capsule is the perfect activity for a rainy afternoon with the family, especially now when a lot of us are trying to spend more time at home! A time capsule is a container that you fill with present day items, such as artwork or photos, and hide to open on a later date. Ideally, pretty far into the future!

Family Time Capsule Activity - with free printable

Below you’ll find a printable activity, which includes a time capsule checklist and letter to your future self template, that you can use with your kids to put together the perfect time capsule for your family. Download the full printable at the end of the post!

Time Capsule Activity

Use the checklist below to start thinking about what types of meaningful items you may want to include in your time capsule. From small toys to school work to art projects, there are endless memories and tokens to choose from. Have your kids gather some of their favorite items –– ones that they won’t miss too much! 

Family Time Capsule Activity - with free printable

Before you seal up your time capsule, also have your kids write a fun note to their future selves! If you use our template below, your kids will be able to discuss your family and their current age, academic interests, friends, and aspirations.

You can also have them set a date for when they plan to open the time capsule. It’s totally up to your family how long you want to wait. Sometimes the longer you wait, the more entertaining the reveal!

Family Time Capsule Activity - with free printable

Download the time capsule activity from Coupon Chief below to help you curate the perfect future surprise!

Have fun and happy Thursday!

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