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Monday, October 5, 2020

4 DIY Beauty Hacks and Ideas to Do at Home

With salons and spas closed almost all over the world, many people have been turning to DIY home beauty hacks to keep up their self care regimen. Why not save time and money (and have fun doing it)?

4 DIY Beauty Hacks and Ideas to Do at Home

Your tight budget can be stretched so much further when you opt for doing beauty treatments at home. But you don’t have to sacrifice quality for cost — check out these amazing DIY beauty hacks you can do at home for some ideas to create your own personal spa. 

1. Keep Nails Fresh with DIY Cuticle Treatments 

With many nail salons closed or in tentative stages of reopening, why not opt for trying your hand at a DIY nail treatment? Creating your own cuticle treatment at home can save you time and money, and is a fun way to get your DIY on. A DIY cuticle treatment can even save you as much as $38, so what’s not to love? 

Pro tip: After you finish your cuticle treatment, be sure to check out how to make DIY slippers to keep your feet looking (and feeling) perfect. 

2. Clean Your Pores with a Steam Facial 

With “maskne” on the rise, cleansing your pores is a great way to stop the problem before it begins. Keep your pores clean and your skin clear with a DIY steam facial (Bonus: it’s completely free!). 

3. Get Glowy Skin with a DIY Highlighter 

Seeing as the average “woman who invests in her appearance” spends $3,756 on beauty products each year, it’s clear that cutting costs wherever possible is the smart way to go. Replace your $30 highlight powder with a $11 DIY version that will keep your skin looking glowy and fresh all day long. 

4. Bring Your Hair Back to Life with a DIY Hair Mask

Chances are you haven’t visited the salon in a few months. Instead of dealing with drab, grown-out hair, try creating your own nourishing hair masks at home to keep your locks looking salon-fresh. Save up to $110 by creating this simple DIY hair mask with honey and coconut oil. 

Everyone can use a little TLC now and then. Make your self care routine a fun (and affordable) ritual by creating your own spa at home. For more information on sweet beauty deals and easy self care DIY’s, check out the graphic below.

Have fun and happy Monday!

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