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Thursday, July 30, 2020

Thursday Throwdown: books vs. movies

Hello, and welcome. I'm back today another fun post in the Thursday Throwdown series - books vs. movies. 

Thursday Throwdown: books vs. movies

For me it's easy: books all the way!

Even when books are turned into movies, with very few exceptions so far, I much prefer to read than to watch.

Actually, I almost watch no TV and I only go to the movies nowadays when the kids want to see something. 

On the other hand, every little free time I have (not much, granted) I used it to read. That's probably no surprise then that I have a second blog, The Book Worm, where I share reviews of all the books I read. 

And if you're looking for book related crafts, I have have share a few here in the past too. Here are two of my favorites: 


How about you? Which is your favorite - books or movies?

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