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Wednesday, July 1, 2020

30-Day Self-Care Challenge + Free Printables

It’s no secret that the current world situation has turned many of our lives upside down. You may have experienced bouts of stress and anxiety, or lacked motivation over the last few months. If this is true, you’re not alone. Closures and limited store hours of your go-to places like salons, spas, and fitness centers may have put a kink in your self-care routine or made it extra difficult to manage stress during this time. However maintaining your wellness and practicing self-care is more important than ever. 

30-Day Self-Care Challenge + Free Printables

If you’ve found it difficult to focus on yourself and self-care lately, consider giving this 30-Day Self-Care Challenge a try! 

Over the course of a month, the challenge will have you take a few minutes out of your day to prioritize self-care, wellness, and to treat yourself. This is a great stay-at-home activity to break up your day — you could even encourage a friend or family member to do the challenge with you! 

30-Day Self-Care Challenge + Free Printables

The 30-Day Self-Care Calendar and Self-Care Stickers below can be downloaded and printed out to help you track your progress each day as you complete each challenge task, and will hopefully give you something to look forward to each day. 

Remember, this challenge is for you. So make any modifications to the daily tasks as needed in order to get the most out of the challenge and your self-care routine. 

Ready to get started? Find daily challenge details here and print out the self-care calendar and stickers below. Good luck! 

30-Day Self-Care Challenge + Free Printables

Descriptions of each daily challenge can be found here

Day 1: Hydrate With the 8x8 Rule 

Day 2: Commit to a Day of Eating Healthy 

Day 3: Find Your Inner Yogi 

Day 4: Try Something New 

Day 5: Find a Quiet Spot and Read 

Day 6: Get an Extra Hour of Sleep 

Day 7: Schedule Time for Your Health 

Day 8: Create a Fitness Goal 

Day 9: Start Your Day With Your Favorite Herbal Tea

Day 10: Learn How to Grow Something 

Day 11: Meditate for 10 Minutes 

Day 12: Create a Morning Routine 

Day 13: Unplug 

Day 14: Replace your Coffee or Energy Drink with Green Tea

Day 15: Start a Food Journal 

Day 16: Write a Blog Post 

Day 17: Skip the Added Sugar 

Day 18: Write 3 Intentions for Yourself 

Day 19: Take a Bubble Bath 

Day 20: Create a Zen Den 

Day 21: Get Rid of 3 Things You Don’t Use 

Day 22: Create a Bedtime Routine 

Day 23: Start Your Day With Gratitude 

Day 24: Go Green 

Day 25: Dance Along to Your Favorite Tunes 

Day 26: Identify Your Stressors 

Day 27: Have a Spontaneous Date Night 

Day 28: Go for a Long Walk 

Day 29: Send a “Thank You” Note 

Day 30: Engage in Self-Reflection 
  • Do you feel any different than when you started? 
  • What was your favorite part of the challenge? 
  • What was your least favorite part of the challenge? 
  • What are you going to continue to incorporate into your daily or weekly routine? 

Congrats! Now that you’ve completed the 30 day challenge, consider creating a new challenge to do next month. 

You can download and print the calendar below and use it to jot down daily tasks. Maybe you want to focus on mental health, fitness or nutrition— it’s up to you! You can specially design this new 30-day challenge for you and your personal goals and needs.

30-Day Self-Care Challenge + Free Printables


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