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Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Pizza vs. Tacos Tic-Tac-Toe Game - free printable

Hello, and welcome! Since we all had to stay at home during lockdown, the search for kid friendly activities of the non-screen variety has been endless. So I'm all up for trying new game ideas, especially if they are the inexpensive variety.

This, added to the fact that when I saw our Etsy Gift Guide Bloggers schedule for this week I realised I had little to share on tomorrow's post: Thursday Throwdown is all about pizza and tacos - and while I would love for you to come back tomorrow to know my thoughts on both, I'm anticipating a pizza and tacos craft project today: the pizza vs. tacos tic-tac-toe printable for you to have fun with your kids!

All you need is to download and print the game (pdf file here). Assembly instructions are included, but really you just have to cut out the pieces and start playing. Laminating them for durability is optional.

Have fun, and happy Wednesday,

Keeping it Real, craft blog

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