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Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Bullet Journal Ideas and Printables to Keep All Aspects of Your Life on Track

Even though life can get a little messy, it’s more than a bit rewarding when you’re able to take the time and organize everything (especially when you enjoy it). Particularly now, when we are all more or less in quarantine, lockdown or whatever you want to call it, organizing things has never been more important. We need to maintain routines as much as possible and the only way to avoid lapsing into chaos is to upgrade our organization skills. 

Bullet Journal Ideas and Printables to Keep All Aspects of Your Life on Track

In our house, the first few days we stayed at home were a bit distressful - but when we realised the situation would last for way more than just a couple of days and the kids were going to have online classes, my husband and I would be working from home on our usual schedules and everything else still needed to be done (more meals to prepare, cleaning, grocery shopping - mostly online, though, etc...), planning our days became super important. 

Now, when you make weekly tasks enjoyable, you’re more inclined to want to do them, not to mention, follow through with them! When it comes to organizing your life, bullet journaling has become an interesting outlet for everyone to tap into their creative side. Whether you’re setting your next biggest goals, or tracking your cleaning lists, your bullet journal has it all in one spot.

The running trend of bullet journaling is basically an organized art book for adults. You create every line, margin, and list to help you organize your life exactly how you want to—and in style.

Even though sitting down and drawing out a planner sounds like a daunting task, it has shown such success in areas other than organization. Some people find it therapeutic, as it’s like drawing in a coloring book—but for adults. You spend time creating the ultimate cleaning list, meal prep, or weekly layout to achieve your dream life.

If you’re ready to get started (or want to restart) journaling during this time spent out home, Mint has created perfect printables to help you craft the perfect journal to manage every aspect of your life.

Tools to Help You Get Started

If you’re on a mission to save during this time, we’ve created a printable ruler and stickers to decorate your first weekly layout.

Create Positive and Healthy Habits

When mapping out your goals, you may get excited and anxious to start (that's a good sign!). Next time you’re mapping out your goals, or even brainstorming creative ways to stay busy during this time, we’ve created happy day stickers to do just that.

Print and cut each sticker out and either glue or tape them to your journal for a little mood boost.

Don’t Forget Anything

When creating your journal, you may want to add subtle reminders of things you’d like to get done throughout the week. If you don’t want to add each reminder to your journal, print and cut out our note stickers. Tape these to your monthly layout so you don’t forget even the littlest of tasks!

Schedule In Time for Your Family

During this time, it’s also especially important to make time for your loved ones, whether that may be over the phone, or planning quality time with each other at home. If you’re able to get out and go to the movies, have a movie game night with our printable. If you aren’t able to leave, check out our holiday printables pieces for some other game night ideas for those nights spent at home.

Have fun journaling, and happy Tuesday!

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