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Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Indoor hobbies (not just) for seniors

A sound body is key to a sound mind and vice versa. In a world where our daily lives can sometimes take over our health, we need to ensure we’re staying active both physically and mentally.

Sometimes, like now, this means doing so within the comfort of our own homes. Whether there is a pandemic or not, our homes can be wonderful places to keep up with our health. They’re familiar, cozy and convenient.

Indoor hobbies (not just) for seniors

Wikibuy has created a guide on how to stay active as a senior member of society who are staying in. Right now, it’s important we all stay inside, so these tips can actually apply to most people!

First, there are creative ideas. From picking up an instrument to starting a scrapbook, these ideas help stimulate the mind in a way other activities can’t. Plus, creativity helps boost our feel-good chemicals and can really brighten up the day no matter what’s happening outside.

Next, they go into ways to be social. From online social clubs to virtual chess games, these ideas are a great way to stay mentally healthy and connected with the world around us. With exceptionally easy methods of going online, anyone can get the hang of these fun ideas in no time — and get your friends on board, too.

Here you can find a visual with all of the ideas. The best part? They’re all incredibly affordable! I truly hope you find these useful and can live life with the utmost well being no matter what.

If there's a senior in your life that could use a little help to stay active right now, send them this infographic. Or take up some of this ideas for you or your kids, as everyone can benefit from some of these activities right now. 

Stay safe and get active.

Happy Wednesday,

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This post was written in partnership with Wikibuy. Info and images were supplied by them and as such are not owned by me, nor am I responsible for their content. 

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