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Wednesday, April 1, 2020

9 tips to stay positive in difficult times

With all that is happening in the world today, saying healthy and safe is a priority. It's also more important than ever to think of ways to stay positive. Your outlook on life can affect your mental and physical health, so finding activities that boost your mood and encourage mindfulness are especially relevant when you are stuck at home like most of us.

Whether you are striving to stay positive for yourself or for those around you — there are ways to help you! Check out these 9 tips to be more positive that can easily be incorporated into your daily routine!

Replace Negative Thoughts

Next time you recognize that you’re thinking about something negative, try thinking of one or two positive things to replace it. It might not get rid of the negative thoughts completely but this helps your mind get in the habit of thinking on the bright side.

Virtually Connect with Positive People

Your closest friends have a huge impact on your positivity. Schedule times to video chat or talk on the phone. It will do some good for your heart!

Simply Smile

Did you know you can actually trick your body? The act of smiling, even when there isn’t anything specific to smile about, can change the way you feel.

Dance it Out

Music can increase positive emotions by stimulating the reward center in your brain, causing the release of dopamine to make you feel good. Choose songs throughout the day with lyrics or rhythms that make you happy.

Eat Right

Be on the lookout for foods that contain vitamin C, vitamin B6, omega-3’s and minerals such as zinc, magnesium and folate.

Get Some Shut-Eye

If you’ve ever been grouchy after a poor night of sleep, you know how important rest is for your mood. It’s easier to think positively when your body feels good.

Give Your Pet Some Love

Taking care of another creature helps us put things in perspective. Take some time to care for your pet and they will love you right back!

Open Up to Someone You Trust

If you feel overwhelmed, don’t be afraid to open up to a close friend or counselor about your feelings. Talking about the negative thoughts in your mind can be a huge relief and encouragement from your confidant can be strengthening.

Start Your Day Right

Try waking up earlier than normal to meditate or exercise. As your day continues, plan moments of positivity. Just a few small changes can completely shift your mindset.

For even more inspiration, FTD has created the below visual on how to enhance your life with positivity through additional ideas, like perfecting a positivity schedule and strategies to change negative thoughts to positive ones.

how to be more positive infographic

Click below to download the printable positivity messages, and check the FTD blog for even more tips on how to stay positive in difficult times.

Stay safe, be positive and have a wonderful Wednesday,

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