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Monday, March 2, 2020

I made it to Monday...once more!

Hello, and welcome. It's Monday again and by the time you see this I'll be back at work and the kids will be in school. For how long, we don't really know - this Corona virus outbreak is leaving European countries struggling, and apparently Portugal is no longer one of the few that have escaped - we've had a couple of confirmed cases so far, so it's just starting to hit us as well.

I made it to Monday...once more!

Because of this, we decided to spend the weekend closer to home and so it was pretty uneventful. 

Since we were mostly at home I could have taken the opportunity to spend some time crafting but, to be honest, I was lacking inspiration.

I did finish sewing this bag:

It took me longer than expected because I wasn't really into sewing these past few days. I do love the fabric, though. 

I also made this cute dachshunds keychain to list in the shop, to replace similar one that sold a couple of weeks ago. 



And I took some time to crochet. Whenever I'm feeling a bit down crochet is one of the best therapies. Sewing forces me to sit in my guest-bedroom-turned-craft-room by the sewing machine, but crochet projects allow me to be much more mobile - I can sit by the TV or even play board games with the kids. So I managed to finish this eco-friendly spa set (face scrubbies, washcloth and bath pouf), made with 100% recycled cotton yarn, and I also started a new crochet bag (similar to this one but in different colors). 

Hopefully the next few days will bring us more clarity on how much the virus is going to affect our daily lives and I'll be able to focus a bit more on all the tasks I have pending...

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Happy Monday!

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