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Monday, February 17, 2020

I made it to (another) Monday!

Hello, and welcome to another Monday!

This Sunday we visited a light house! Fun, right? I mean, I'd seen lots of lighthouses before, on the outside, but I had never actually climbed the steps to the very top - all the way up, well, to the light.

I made it to (another) Monday

In between house cleaning, grocery shopping and homework assistance, I also managed to finish sewing two bags - I've been into tote bags lately. And with that the weekend went by way too quickly and it's Monday again!

Sadly, there was a lot of fog preventing us to enjoy the surrounding landscape, but we still managed to take some nice photos. 

This lighthouse dates back from the 18th century (here's the English Wikipedia page, in case you want to have a look), and nowadays provides signaling both for ships and for aircraft (part of the light is reflected upwards to the sky, in order to help signal the approach to the Lisbon airport). 

The kids had a lot of fun in this visit and so did we - even though all that fog gave me a sore throat (which may also be the result of the fact that I managed to take coats for everyone in the family except myself...). 

On the crafty side of things, I made these two bags. 

The first one is a regular tote bag, sewn from this cute fabric: 

And the second one is the result of an experience I'd been wanting to make for a long time - adding a cork fabric bottom to my bags. The only downside of this project is the fact that I used a 100% polyester fabric for the lining - while it has a really cute pattern, it was a harsh reminder of why I much prefer sewing with cotton fabric - more details on the making of this bag to come tomorrow. 

Both these bags are now listed in my Etsy shop

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Happy Monday!

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