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Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Mindfulness Activities - with free printables

Usually this blog is focused on crafts. But some days, we all need a break. Having a home, husband, two kids, one pet rabbit, a full time job, two blogs and one Etsy shop sometimes feels a bit too much. There are not enough hours in the day to fit in all I need to do - and still get some sleep. 

So this blog post is about mindfulness - with some useful printables to help you achieve your goals.

Practicing mindfulness can help to improve your mental and physical health while giving you enhanced insight into your thoughts and feelings. There are plenty of ways to begin practicing mindfulness, so to help you get started, A Place for Mom created a guide that covers some of the best exercises for mindfulness. 

The guide also includes printable activities to help you practice mindfulness on a daily basis! From tracking your mood to starting a morning journal, these activities will encourage you to take a deeper look inside your mind and help you identify patterns in your thoughts, moods, and behaviors.

I also find it a great way to reduce stress levels and that, but itself, is already a huge bonus. 

So, what are you waiting for? Download your printables today and start practicing mindfulness today.

Happy Wednesday!

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This post was written in partnership with A Place for Mom. Images and printables were supplied them and as such are not owned by me.

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  1. In one of the episodes of The Knit Show (on YouTube), they discuss this, and suggest working a simple project that doesn't require you to think too much so instead you can just sit, relax, and really enjoy your project, and achieve this mindfulness thing. I thought it was really interesting to hear about.