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Monday, January 21, 2019

Yarn Covered Glass Bottle

Decorating glass bottles is something I've been meaning to try for a while. Last year I upcycled an insulated coffee cup and turned it into a flower vase (you can read about it here) but I'd never really picked up a glass bottle to work on it from scratch before. 

DIY Yarn Covered Glass Bottle

Well, a couple of weeks ago someone at the office placed an empty glass bottle in the trash can, which was wrong in more ways than one. I picked up the glass bottle to send for recycling and then, suddenly, I was inspired to take it home instead. Just because the bottle had a really pretty shape  and it was a shame to waste it.

DIY Yarn Covered Glass Bottle

Fast forward to yesterday. While my son was doing his homework and my daughter was sleeping a fever off (because, unfortunately, we are right in the middle of flu season around here), I picked up a ball of rustic yard leftover from a rug I made a zillion years ago) and a bunch of fabric flowers a friend gave me last year (because she knows I love these things), and got down to work. 
I started from the top, adding strips of glue here and there and placing the flowers randomly. I didn't bother removing the bottle labels, as they would be covered anyway.

DIY Yarn Covered Glass Bottle

I also didn't glue the flowers on, I just secured the stems with the yarn. 

DIY Yarn Covered Glass Bottle

Overall, it went a lot quicker than I had anticipated. I did get glue all over my hands, but I had a lot of fun too, and I'm already thinking about the next water bottle to embellish.

DIY Yarn Covered Glass Bottle
DIY Yarn Covered Glass BottleDIY Yarn Covered Glass Bottle

And in the meantime, this one will make a great decor piece to cheer up our house next spring (which can't come soon enough if you ask me).

DIY Yarn Covered Glass Bottle

Happy Monday!

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