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Thursday, December 27, 2018

2019 (free) printable calendar

Hello, and welcome. Christmas has come and gone, and I hope you've enjoyed the best of times with family and friends. As 2018 is coming to an end, I have decided to design our 2019 calendar.

2019 (free) printable calendar

And now I'm posting it here for everyone who wants to use it too.

There's one page per month, from January...

2019 (free) printable calendar December.
2019 (free) printable calendar

Each month has its own different color and design and I've made the daily circles large enough to add small notes (I usually mark up holidays, birthdays, party invitations, etc). 

If you want one calendar too, download the file here. It's a zip file with the cover and one image file per month. You can print all the pages and bind them together like I did (see below) or you can just print one month at a time.

Here's what my calendar looks like right now, and I'll be hanging it on the wall right on January 1st:

2019 (free) printable calendar

2019 (free) printable calendar

Happy holidays and happy 2019!

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  1. Thanks for the download - I'm a calendar collector!

    1. You're welcome! I don't exactly collect them, but I do have a lot of fun designing a new calendar every year.
      Thank you for stopping by and happy 2019!

  2. Cute calendar. Found you at Friday Feature. Happy New Year!


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