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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

20 foods that get better with age

Aging food is, to be honest, a concept that never crossed my mind before. I obviously knew about cheeses or wine being aged, but other foods? No so much. 
So when I was approached by Oldest.org with their list of 20 foods that get better with age, I jumped to the chance of learning more about the subject, and now I'm sharing it here too: 


And this is really the perfect time of the year to learn about it, as the Holidays are (not so) slowly coming around the corner.

This means time with loved ones, festive traditions with family and, of course, holiday cooking! We spend a lot of time preparing for holiday gatherings: picking out the perfect recipes, shopping for ingredients, scheduling cooking time and then actually cooking.

So...instead of slaving over a hot stove the morning of a big party, why not cook in advance to save some time and stress? Sometimes I cook and freeze meals, but that's not exactly something I want to do for a Christmas party. And in fact maybe I don't need to, because apparently some foods actually taste better after a few days.

Genius, right? You can see now why I was all over this idea.

There are lots of methods to age your food. Foods like curries and pound cake just need to sit for at least a day to bing out the flavors.


On the other hand, salami and salmon need to be cured for their complex flavors to stand out.


Oldest.org created and in-depth infographic about 20 foods that can get better with age to help you navigate through all the different foods and methods you can use to enhance your meals. Check it out and discover how you can incorporate these foods into your next holidays party and have more time to share with your loved ones.

Happy Tuesday, and thank you Oldest.org for the contribution!

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This post was written in partnership with Oldest.org. Images were supplied by them and as such are not owned by me.

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