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Monday, October 1, 2018

DIY dry erase to-do lists

If you're like me, you always have a long list of things to do every day. And while I have a good memory, I always find it easier to create a list every night with what needs to be done the following day.

Mostly I use notebooks for this, but lately I found myself sticking lots of reminders on our kitchen wall, next to the calendar and the kid's school schedules. I was clearly in need of a more efficient alternative - and so I created a dry erase to-do list.

DIY dry erase to-do lists

To make one for yourself, you can download the template here

I made my list two-sided, with one side for the actual list and another for notes. You can use both templates or just one of them.

DIY dry erase to-do lists

As I used both, I printed the file onto a light weight white cardboard sheet and cut out each of the templates. The edges of the lists are marked with a light gray dotted line to make cutting easier. 

I you're using both templates too, you need to glue them together back to back. If not, skip this step. 

All you need to to then is to laminate the lists and they are ready to be used.

DIY dry erase to-do listsDIY dry erase to-do lists

I made one for myself, which now lives on our much more decluttered kitchen wall, and I also made two more for each of my kids, who've been having fun writing shopping lists, homework details and even (yay) listing some of their chores.

DIY dry erase to-do lists

The part that took me longer was the actual design of the templates and deciding on the best size for my needs, but the rest of the process was so easy I'm actually wondering why I hadn't thought about this before.

DIY dry erase to-do lists

Happy Monday!

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  1. I am a constant note maker, and I love these. They turned out great! Thank you for sharing at Celebrate It!

    1. Thank you Teri, for hosting and for stopping by!