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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

DIY bunny ears headband

Hello and welcome. today I'm sharing a very quick - and cute - project for Easter. I've been seeing bunny ears all around lately, so I decided to make my own. Because, of course, I'm terrible at following other people's patterns and instructions and much better creating things from scratch.

DIY bunny ears headband

I didn't manage to take a lot of pictures of the process because my kids were too impatient to get their respective bunny ears. And after I was finished with each set I just had time for a quick snapshot before they took them away. My daughter even used the bunny ears when we went to the grocery store last Sunday after church - actually, she asked if she could wear them to church before...

My original plan was to make both ears in gray felt and then have the inner parts of the ears in pink and blue, for a girl/boy version. My kids raided my felt scraps, though, and decided on totally different colors. Since I was making the bunny ears for them anyway, I just went with the flow.

Here's the tutorial if you want to make them too:

What you need: 
  • the pattern - download here
  • felt in gray, white and any other color you need
  • Polyester filling
  • A simple headband

  • download and print the pattern
  • trace the pattern onto the felt and cut the pieces according to the instructions in the pattern

  • sew the inner ear part first, and then the two main ear pieces, leaving the bottom open. Fill with polyester filling. Add enough filling to make sure the ears stay upright - if they are too soft, they will bend. Alternatively, insert a straw through the opening, to help keep them straight. 

  • Secure the ears to the headband. I glued them in place first and then added some stitches just in case.
And now you're done!

Have fun, and happy Easter!

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  1. these are super adorable and an easy way to get the little ones involved in the big day
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