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Monday, September 25, 2017

Party invitations: go digital with Paperless Post

I was born before computers were a widespread commodity. In Portugal cable TV arrived in my late teens and I was introduced to Internet sometime during college. So it's no surprise that until recently I used paper for everything. I'm not sure if that makes me sound old or just old fashioned but that was the way things worked for me.

Party invitations: go digital with Paperless Post

A couple of years ago, though, I started to run out of space to store all my physical books (my name is Teresa and I'm addicted to books). In an effort to declutter (you can read about my decluttering efforts here) I made one of the biggest changes in my life - I switched all my books to digital.

And after that first step, the digital transformation in my life turned into something similar to a snowball. I digitalized photos, notebooks and even my favorite recipes now live in a Pinterest board (you can read my post on how Pinterest can help you declutter here).

So when I was contacted by Paperless Post, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to go fully digital with  my kids' birthday party invitations too. Both my kids have birthdays during the summer months, which means that we usually get the family together on the actual dates but then, in late September/October I organize birthday parties to invite all their school friends - the weather still holds up pretty well, it's easier and cheaper to find venues that fit in all the kids, and everyone is back from vacation and past the first chaotic weeks of the new school year. So, yes, perfect timing. 

Paperless Post is an online stationery company that has tons of different designs to choose from. You can check the kids' birthday invitations using this link, but there are really invitations and cards for all occasions.

Seriously, how cute are these?

Party invitations: go digital with Paperless PostParty invitations: go digital with Paperless Post

And it's not only the digital invitations, you can also use Paperless Post to to send out reminders for the party and track your RSVPs. You just need to import your contact list and they take care of the rest (this is the part of the service I have yet to test, especially because it involves using Coins instead of actual money - I'll let you know how it goes in the coming weeks).  Click below for their step-by-step guide:

Here are the two invites I've started customizing for my kids (translated into English from the Portuguese originals and minus the personal details, because I'm not posting those online):

Party invitations: go digital with Paperless PostParty invitations: go digital with Paperless Post

Don't they look great? Now I just need to finish customizing the envelopes. My son has yet to decide on his, but my daughter's envelope is looking like this now (still work in progress, so don't mind the text):

Party invitations: go digital with Paperless PostParty invitations: go digital with Paperless Post

Want to know what's next for me? Paperless Christmas Cards. Which will also be a first in our house. I've already started browsing designs (here's the link if you want to check them out too: < but I still need to build my mailing list for that.
Party invitations: go digital with Paperless Post

I know from experience that when going digital, the first step is always the hardest. So check out Paperless Post today and have a look at all they have to offer. At the very least, you'll be fascinated by the amazing designs. And if in the end you decide you still want to stick to paper, they have that option available too.

Happy Monday,

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This post was written in partnership with Paperless Post and I received 800 free Coins. Other than the first image at the top of the post, all other images and the Paperless Post logo come from the Paperless Post website and as such are not owned by me. All opinions are my own.     

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