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Thursday, January 5, 2017

You Can Do-It-Yourself Series

Yes, while I labeled 2017 the year of healthy and I plan to share here on the blog lots of recipes, healthy snacks and related tips, I also want to keep it close to me favorite hobby: crafts. 

So, to replace the ABC Craft Series shared during 2016, I'm creating a whole new craft series, called You Can Do-It-Yourself. 

You Can Do-It-Yourself Series

The idea for this series came to me a while ago, while reading comments to my posts. Lots of people go through craft posts and then say something like "It's beautiful, I wish I knew how to sew" or "I wish I was crafty but I'm not". This really bothers me, because I'm a firm believer we can learn anything we set their minds to. We may not have time (believe me, I know that) and we may not have talent. But we can have no real talent and still know how to make something. It may not be outstanding, but it's ours.

Some things will turn out great, some will be disasters. There is not one single crafter out there that has not discarded projects that were not working out. Does that mean you quit? No. Maybe you will never be able to sell what you make on Etsy, but it doesn't mean you can't make something, Or at least try. 

Creating things is also one of the most fulfilling activities you can engage into. There's much to be said about being able to use soap you made yourself, or just bake cakes from scratch. It doesn't have to be difficult, it doesn't have to be big or time consuming. 

So, the purpose of this new series is to round up 6 projects, revolving around a certain topic, and feature them on a weekly basis. Every project will come with instructions, materials, tutorials and the like. The idea is to provide you with easy alternatives and to motivate you to do-it-yourself. Some of those projects will have been tried by me, others will be added to the list of things I want to do myself. At best, we will all end-up with some nice homemade gifts for birthdays and Christmas. And if not, we will at least enjoy the process and learn something along the way.

I have a list of all the topics I want to cover for the next 52 weeks, but they don't necessarily follow a certain order, other than trying to adjust a few of them to the appropriate seasons. I will create a page with links to all the projects shared, for easy access. 

 You Can Do-It-Yourself Series

So this year we are all going to be crafty! Repeat after me: "I can do it myself!"

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  1. I am looking forward to your new posts, both healthy and DIY projects! I ♥ DIY