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Thursday, April 9, 2015

No clutter in 2015: week 14 update

We are still working on repainting our walls, which doesn't help my decluttering efforts since we now have a lot of furniture out of place and crammed into a few of the other rooms.

But last week I still advanced a little and tackled my son's bookshelf. We took all the books out, dusted them off and then separated the ones he has outgrown or doesn't want to keep anymore. While it's true that my daughter is younger and could still use them, she has her own bookshelf in her room already filled to the brim. So we are giving them away.

I have therefore one bag of books (with some clothes and toys thrown in as well) ready to send for donation.

In between, I've also started with our spring clean (though it's not easy with the painting still going on) and I also finished another upcycled project which hopefully I'll have time to share in the next few days.

Next weekend? My daughter's bookshelf and maybe a bit more upcycling. I'll let you know next week...

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