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Friday, February 13, 2015

The Stacked Hearts Felt Bracelet - a last minute Valentine's project

This was my last Valentine's project this year and although it had originally been planned for the past weekend, I ended up finishing it just last evening, in time for my daughter to wear to school today and for me to share here.

Last year I made my daughter a ribbon necklace for Valentine's day, with little felt hears and red beads:

This year she had been asking for quite some time for a matching bracelet. So I searched for some felt scraps in the right colors and for a bit of pink elastic. The hearts were cut from felt using the Sizzix.

Then I stacked the hearts and sewed them to one of the pink rectangles (gluing would work well too).

Once this was done, I sandwiched the tips of the elastic between the felt rectangles and secured them (gluing the middle and adding some stitches at the edges):

 And the bracelet was ready to use, as simple as that.

I wanted my daughter to try it on. but she didn't want her arm to show in the picture, so I used mine instead (much less graceful, unfortunately).

This is truly very easy to make and great if you need a last minute Valentine's gift for girls.



  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Beverly! Have a great weekend!

  2. You have a great imagination, so inventive and smart. Great and adorable projects for all. Your daughter must have been so proud to wear the bracelet to school. Love the necklace also, very delicate and Valentiney. I love that your Valentine projects were affordable, quick and easy to make for most everyone. Wish I'd seen earlier, would have made for our two granddaughters, they are 18 and almost 15, how old is your daughter? So glad you shared your awesome Valentine Projects. Happy Valentines Day

    1. Thank you so much for your kind comments! My daughter is 4, going on 14. She's crazy about fashion, loves to paint her nails and lately has been asking about makeup, so I'm dreading the teens already. Sorry for posting so late, but it really was a last minute project. Have a wonderful weekend and a happy Valentine's!

  3. This is so super cute! I love it. It would be so cute for any holiday using different shapes or figures that would best represent the upcoming holiday. Thank you for sharing! PINNED!


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