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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Homemade Christmas cards

Every year at school my kids have a Christmas assignment. One year we had to create a clay figure for a nativity scene. Last year we made a Christmas tree out of recycled materials.

This, aparently, is the year of the Christmas cards, so last weekend I had to come up with two large size cards (they are around 60 x 30 cm) that the kids could decorate by themselves.

My son decided he wanted a Christmas tree-card:

It says Merry Christmas 2014 (in Portuguese) on the cover and when the card is open you can see a 2D Christmas tree on the on the outside...

and a 3D Christmas tree on the inside:

Everything was made by us except the star in the cover (store bought and glued in place) and the letters (store bought stickers). The decorations are made with glittering sticker paper cut in circles (using the Sizzix) and in stars (using a cookie cutter as a guide).

For my daughter the decoration was similar, keeping it to something she could glue on by herself (something she loves to do).

But on the outside I added a snowman made with the same glittering paper and which was entitled to its own real knitted scarf. Here it is, front and back.

I sew and crochet a lot, but to be honest the last time I knitted something must have been over 25 years ago. I don't even own knitting needles, I had to borrow some from my mother, and I wasn't sure I still knew how to do it. Apparently, knitting is like riding a bicycle, so maybe there are more knitting projects it my future.

Anyway, the cards are finished and delivered to the kids' teachers, so one less thing on my (always) long to-do list. 

And even though these are clearly too big to send by mail, I think they turned out great and and perhaps we will be making something similar (on a smaller scale) to send to grandparents & uncles  this Christmas.




  1. I love the fact that you and your kids made Christmas cards. I'm a big believer in letter writing and card giving can be so special these days. Love that sparkly snowman!

  2. How wonderful is this!! I love you all made your own cards and the snowman is the best one :) Thanks for sharing!